When I Met Flowers

I had no creeping determinism what I witnessed would reconstruct something worth sharing about, but I was more intentional when I returned.

Last evening, I visited a flower show.

To the flowers, it didn’t matter what vehicle brought us there. Their smiles and levels of exuberance were the same.

The freshness had toned down by evening, but honest to their characteristics and grateful to their existence, they met us happily.

In my one-on-one conversation, they smiled whimsically, “Hey, we’ve aged gracefully!”

I recorded my insights and flexed my imagination.

Though I was in a group I had a forum to study myself – most importantly from a perspective for a high quality, professional and personal, understanding of life that I learned never before.

What I infer here is that each flower, regardless of whether it’s loved by many or a fraction, blooms at its best at the florist.

They enjoy their existence irrespective of that knowledge because each bears a unique entity.

Similarly, we are not here as a connoisseur of someone’s taste.

If we’ve uneven skin tone, a little short of sweet vocals and physical attributes, that’s Okay. These are static qualities. We either have them or we don’t, but we do have something else that stands out. These are physical grace, body language, and sartorial sense which when coupled with a positive emotional expressiveness would make a charismatic me, you or us.

We shouldn’t slow down if in worldly terms we are not an ace.

If we believe we are unique, nothing can make us oblique.

Each flower has its cycle and season during which it thrives to the fullest and once it’s over it perishes just the way our circle gets complete and the game is over. So, till the time we breathe, we must show our virtues and admonish pretense.

In spite of their quality difference, they didn’t hide their profile. These stood tall in their purest form.

They didn’t wear a mask.

They revealed.

Then why we ape others and lose our own identity?

Each flower has a language like we do, and each conveys different sentiments quite like us.

The overriding sentiment here is, when we offer them as a messenger of emotions the bells ring at the receiving end. We too, by our presence and gentle touch of feelings, may well create beauty with our distinct presence.

I invested a thousand thoughts to each flower and got nourished.

In just one season assigned to them, they overwhelm us. Then why can’t we, who thrive in all seasons emulate them, and be an epitome of love and affection?

Worth prodding! Isn’t, it?

I learned, I must live, and not merely exist.

The window of life will bring either Sun or cirrus clouds. Irrespective of that our flight must continue – We should be what we are and show what we have.”

I exited with this floral perfume…

Source by Bindu Saxena

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