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Hey guys!

Before I tell you the ONE thing that stresses me out the most, I’m gonna tell you that I’m running a giveaway for the 2018-2019 Focus Journal right now on my latest YouTube video!

The Focus Journal is the academic version (August 2018 – July 2019) of the yearly Blogilates Fit Planner. Basically, it’s a life planner and a fitness planner all in one!

As you can see, your daily to-do list is right next to your water tracker, sleep tracker, food logger, and workout scheduler! Personally this is the planner that I use everyday. Even though I’ve been out of school for a while, my brain still works on the academic calendar for some reason! Haha.

Anyway, back to the blog…

You wanna know the NUMBER ONE thing that stresses me out??? I don’t know if I’ve actually told you guys this before. No, it’s not wedding planning! (That’s been quite fun believe it or not!) It’s people with HUGE egos who have no consideration for anyone else but themselves. People who think they’re always right. People who don’t listen. People who won’t open their minds. Trying to argue with these people is a hopeless battle for me because logic doesn’t win with them, and THAT STRESSES ME OUT!

Okay now you’re probably feeling a little stressed thinking about the people who stress you out! Sorry. The good news is there are soooo many ways to get yourself out of your little stress funks. I know when I’m stressed, it’s no bueno. I tend to snack more on junk food, I want to skip workouts, and do things that are anti-normal Cassey because I’m feeling imbalanced. So I came up with 7 ways to help you stay fit and destress when things are crazy with school, work and life in general!


When you are upset, anxious, uneasy and can feel your heart start to beat like it’s in a race, stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and take as many deep breaths as you need to feel calm. Remember to SLOWLY inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth and you will begin to feel the tension exit your body.


Too much to do? Feeling overwhelmed? Write it down and check things off as you go, even the tiny little things. You will feel SO much better once you begin checking things off! I like to write down my workouts like it’s an appointment, meaning – I can’t miss it!


Vague goals, like “I will try to work out this week” can be intimidating and won’t really motivate you. Like, what does that even mean? Does that mean 1 workout or does that mean 7? How will you know if you accomplished it? Specific goals, like “I will take a POP Pilates class two times this week” are specific and cross-offable if you do it!


When I’m stressed out, I tend to snack. A lot. I get “hungry” when I am bored or stressed. So one way to keep my fake hunger in check is to make sure I am not thirsty. Sometimes thirst can disguise itself like hunger, but really, your body just needs a little hydration. So keep a water bottle with you at all times!


Don’t eat in front of your phone, TV, or computer! Distracted eating prevents you from actually enjoying your food, so you won’t realize how much you are eating! Take the time to really savor your meals.


Clean your desk! Clean your room! Holding onto junk around you may contribute to holding onto extra weight on your body. A clean environment outside contributes to a clean state of mind and clean body inside.


Start your day off on a positive, productive note by doing a morning stretch routine! You don’t need anything strenuous or intimidating. Just a little movement to ease your body and mind into a good place. Try my “Wake Up with Me Workout“.

You can get all these tips in my latest YouTube video (below) AND enter to win a brand new Focus Journal! All you need to do is comment on the video the number one thing that makes you stressed. I’m giving away 3! And the contest is international! Good luck!!

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