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Do you ever wonder what makes a tree fall? Probably not. But this weekend, while being amongst the largest and oldest trees in the world at Sequoia National Park, I wondered. And then…I read this sign that answered my question…AND ALSO felt like a warning to me and to all social media stars. It read this:

“Ironically, a tree’s own size can contribute to its downfall. If the tree starts to become unbalanced, it’s weight quickly becomes more than its shallow roots can handle.”

That hit me so hard.

I’ve seen so many successful social media stars become completely consumed by their numbers, their money, their followers, and their fame. I’ve seen people go into depression because they’re no longer popular. I’ve seen people use their money recklessly because they suddenly have so much of it. I’ve seen people change themselves (internally and surgically) because they want so badly to stay on top. I’ve seen people abuse their power by using their subscribers like minions to attack other creators.

The problem? People getting too big, too fast. This causes a lack in sense of self and then – IMBALANCE. You see, it takes time and/or a solid group of trustworthy people around you to build a strong foundation – the roots that’ll hold you when things aren’t always perfect and growing.

This is a reminder for all of us that being the biggest, the richest, the most famous isn’t everything. Find your core. Find the reason why you do what you do, and you’ll always be able to find BALANCE in the most unstable of times.

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