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Hello Scorpios!

It’s your bday month – finally! Here’s what’s in store for you…

Your Sweat Horoscope:

You are a hard worker in all aspects of your life – the gym is no exception. The harder you work, the happier you are! Sometimes you have a tendency to allow your frustrations to get bottled up, so make sure to release the steam through frequent exercise!

Your Workout: Grab your weights – anywhere between 5-15 lbs (or even more!) and try these 6 exercises that will target all your muscles. Do 4 rounds of this routine for a complete workout!

#1. Single Legged Tricep Kickbacks x 15 ea side

Make sure to keep your hips square as lift your legs. Keep elbows hinged at your sides.

#2. Side Plank Row x 20 Alt.

Have your feet hip width apart. Row elbow up as chest stays facing the floor. Only open your chest when lifting into side plank.

#3. Squat to Shoulder Press x 15

When squatting down, try to get your butt and hamstrings parallel to the floor if possible!

#4. Kettlebell Swing x 20

Thrust with your hips! This is a cardio move. Do not use your arms at all. Your hands are simply just holding the weight or kettlebell.

#5. Weighted Butt Lifts x 15 ea leg

Go slow and pause at the top for the biggest booty lifting effect!

#6. Calf Raise with Front Raise x 15

Do not raise your arms higher than shoulder height. Pause for a moment on top!

There you have it! Even if you’re not a Scorpio, you can still do this workout 😛 Enjoy!

If you want to see the entire printable, check out my Pinterest!

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