Home Remedies For Acne Scars – Tea Tree Oil, Zinc and Other Effective Home Remedies For Acne

Acne is a common and frustrating skin condition that can start as early as your teens and last well into your adulthood leaving many to wonder if there are any effective home remedies for acne. Acne appears on the skin in the form of small lesions or bumps that, when cleared can even leave lasting scars of the condition. Because of this, many people are anxious to get the condition under control and indeed there are natural home remedies that can help alleviate the condition.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Home Remedy Acne Scar Treatment

Tea tree oil has many benefits and is one of the most popular and effective of all of the home remedies for acne. Tea tree oil has many uses and has been called upon for centuries to assist the skin in ridding itself of this annoying condition. It is used by diluting some of the oil into water and then applying the mixture directly onto the affected areas of the skin.

Why Tea Tree Oil Is Effective For Treating Acne

It is believed to be effective because of the constituent known as terpinen-4-ol. This is an ingredient found in tea tree oil thought to be responsible for the oils anti-bacterial properties. Since tea tree oil has the ability to kill a variety of bacteria, using it as an acne treatment and the positive results it has had the reduction of the bacteria specifically responsible for acne is one option for a home remedy.

Zinc Is Another Home Remedy For Eliminating Acne

As far as home treatments go, zinc is the other remedy most credited with assisting in eliminating acne conditions. Some research studies have acknowledged that zinc is in fact rather effective, although not as effective as prescription medications that are available. However if it is prescription medications that you are trying to avoid, then zinc is another proven option to you.

Possible Side Effects Caused By Using Zinc To Treat Acne

Since you take zinc typically in pill form there are also some side effects that should have considered when thinking of taking it for the treatment of acne. Zinc side effects include a metallic taste in the mouth and upset stomachs were reported as well. In higher doses, zinc can be much harmful and lead to a weakened immune system, anemia, and heart issues so always make sure and take it as directed when using zinc as one of the home remedies for acne scars.

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