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This month, I am featuring my lil sister (@jackleynho) because she is a Leo! It’s gonna be her bday soon, so to celebrate we’re gonna go on a lil nature trip! She’s so outdoorsy! Anyway, the super cool thing is that the Leo Sweat horoscope is so true because it features kickboxing. And get this…Jackelyn just so happens to be a kickboxing instructor! PERFECT right!?

Your Sweat Horoscope:

You love trying new trends – like the latest workout or the coolest new gym boutique because you like to be the first one to know what’s up. So to keep your fitness interesting enough for your personality, try switching it up to challenge and excite your muscles constantly! You can find extra motivation by also trying new, trendy activewear styles and and working out in large groups. Definitely take advantage of group fitness classes. They’re great for your social personality!

Your workout: This kickboxing routine will skyrocket your heart rate and make you melt fat like crazy! Put on some great music and let’s start kicking! Do each move for 1 min each and do a total of 4 rounds! Rest for 15 seconds in between exercises.

#1. Alternating Front Kick x 1 min

Place your hands in front of your chin in a ready stance. Then, using your core strength, pick up your leg and kick high!

#2. Curtsy Lunge to Side Kick x 1 min ea side

Again with the hands in ready stance, do a curtsy lunge and then kick the back leg up and onto the side!

#3. Jab Crosses x 1 min

The easiest way to describe this is to basically punch forward with your right hand then your left hand as you’re standing sideways. You will twist your body as you punch. Go hard and get all that anger out!

#4. Jumping Jack to Kick Back x 1 min alternating

Do 1 jumping jack, then kick one leg back and then kick the other leg back!

#5. Ab Ducks x 1 min

In a wide plié stance, squat down, and lean your obliques from side to side. Keep your hands at ready stance, right by your chin.

#6. High Lows x 1 min each side

Place one hand by your chin and use the other one to punch up then down. Move your legs in a “football run” or “quick feet” fashion as your punch form high to low!


There you have it my Leos! If you want to see the entire printable, check out my Pinterest! I hope you are enjoying the entire zodiac series! Have you tried some of them – even the ones that aren’t your sign?

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