A Spiritual Journey Can Be a Life Changing Experience

The all-work and no-play lifestyle is no biggie to us yuppies of this generation. We always feel like we have something to chase or outdo, as if we need to have the best at what we do. Because of this we bombard ourselves with stressful priorities – sometimes even ones we can not handle anyway – and then end up all zapped out.


Take some time to cherish your soul and go on a spiritual journey.

It could be a life-changing experience.

And here is the main reason why: clarity .

When preparing for a spiritual journey, we are filled with hopes and desires for the trip and have an end goal in mind – whether it's a decision for a career, a relationship or simply a direction in life. When we think about this "end", we seem to be focused and start to undress ourselves of the other unnecessary things that clog our heads with useless thoughts. We start to devote our entire selves to the vacation.

When we are already at the actual act of traveling, we may also use the idle time for reflection. This may sound and look really cliche, but it's true. The slow change of environment lets you physically detach from everything bothering you and focuses you on your spiritual vacation. Also, if there's scenery it can become the perfect time to reflect about life and living in general.

When we finally get to the place where we're supposed to spend our spiritual journey, we are reminded to detach ourselves from the material things which symbolize our busy lives. It is best to totally stay away from your laptop, your cellphone, and even your mp3 player during this time since they provide unnecessary distraction.

Lastly, you will be blessed with a program which you chose, and you will spend the next few days in peace, meditation, and cleansing. At this point you might start taking out certain materials like books, papers and pens, depending on the program you chose.) You will start to deal with serenity and silence. You will eat un-timed and will rest in a comfortable bed, albeit not your own.

Entirely dedicate this short period of time for reaching out to your spirit and getting in touch with your inner hopes, desires, and even regrets. Get to know God. Be more thankful. Pray for the people around you and the rest of the world. If you take the program seriously, you will find peace.

Who knows how far in and deep inside your soul a few days can go?

Source by Karen A. Newton

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