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Everything is truly coming together. I am having such a fun time planning this, that I don’t even know what I will do with my life afterwards! I finished most of the calligraphy, but still need to do the welcome sign and the seating chart. Right now it is all about the details. Maybe the things no one will notice, but the things that will make the experience whole. Oh gosh I am so excited for all of our friends and family to see what we have planned for them!!!

Anyway, are you ready for your October Workout Calendar Line Up? Check it out!

  1. SUNDAY: Trick or Tricep?
  2. MONDAY: BOO-ty Burn
  3. TUESDAY: Pumpkin PIIT
  4. WEDNESDAY: Autumn Abs
  5. THURSDAY: Total Body Terror
  6. FRIDAY: Sorcerors Stretches
  7. SATURDAY: Ghostly Glutes

Click to download hi res cal!

If you’re new, here’s how it goes!

  1. Head over to blogilates.com/calendar and click on the videos of the day.
  2. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  3. Check off as you go!

Boom! That is it! Have fun and GO CRUSH IT.

Oh yeah, and it’s Halloween month! What or who are you going to dress up as? I want to dress up as something that involves both Sam and Sir George. Any ideas?

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