More Effective Natural Acne Solutions

Over the years, natural acne solutions have proven to be effective, safe and do not involve any type of spin-offs. It may seem easy though one must have self discipline and the will power to fully understand what natural acne solutions really offer.

Drink ample amount of water

The primary step one must take to get rid of acne is to drink plenty of water. As the universal rule, one must consume 6-8 glasses of water a day and even more especially if involved physically during the day from work or exercise. Drinking water can help to keep one's body in good condition; it helps in flushing away toxins from the body, which in essence helps both the internal organs and external ones just like the skin. Water is indispensible for every bodily processes and functions. After all, water is considered to be the most necessary ingredient for life and functioning of the human body.

Hold back on the dairy consumption

Dairy products are usually associated as foods or products coming from cow's or domestic buffalo's milk. In a clinical study conducted by Dr.CJ. Fisher to more than thousand teenagers he concluded to the American Dermatological Association that milk was a primary contributor to some patients' acne problems. He established the fact that the acne reduced significantly when milk consumption lessens. Dr. Fisher supposes that the fat and sugar in milk is the root of acne.

Begin eating good fats

Contrary to the popular belief, not all fats are horrible. Some are even vital to health and fitness. This good fat includes the Omega-3 group of fatty acid. The omega-3 fatty acids can actually prevent acne, while others like planned or trans-fats; can help acne by growing the level of swelling and oxidative stress in the skin.

Eat healthy

One of the most effective natural acne solutions is by eating fruits and vegetables.
Proper diet must involve fresh fruits, whole grains such as oats, muesli, lean protein and vegetables. A diet that is rich in high protein can trim down enzyme production which is the main reason of oil production level to rise. Drinking herbal tea and green teas are exceptionally efficient as they can provide acne relief. They also avert the formation of pimples. Green and herbal teas contains antioxidants which make the immune system resistant and strong while at the same time improving the general wellbeing of a person. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A and Zinc must also be consumed regularly.

Get a goodnight sleep

You may be wondering how getting a good night sleep function as natural acne solution. It's because a well rested and a fit body equates to a stronger immune system. The immune system help fight acne lesion when they pop up.

If you think you deserve a clear skin then you would not miss the chance to make some changes in your lifestyle and practice natural acne solutions now. Bear in mind that an unhealthy skin manifests an unhealthy body.

Source by Michael J. Price

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