Living for Likes – All the Weigh

I’ve been blogging here for almost a decade, and lately, I find myself desiring to say less. I go through phases in which I post everything and phases in which I post very little. I’m less active on social media than I have been in the last several years too, and while I enjoy many aspects of it, I also enjoy my day-to-day life with my family and friends.

It seems that I care less about the number of likes or comments I get on Facebook and/or Instagram than I used to. I still enjoy connecting with the friends I made through those mediums, but I’m learning that it’s okay to talk less. When we live for likes, we die by the absence of them, and I never want to give something so silly so much control over my life.

I used to define myself by the way strangers on the internet saw me or thought of me or by the stupid things I did in my past, but living differently (and caring less about how strangers view me – good and bad) over the last several years has been such a relief.

My life is more peaceful now than it’s ever been. My environment isn’t filled with noise, and my thoughts are quiet and more rested than when I lived under constant stress and empty approval.

I still love to write, but it’s freeing to be able to write about things that I’m passionate about without wondering if anyone will read about them or agree or disagree.

Does anyone else feel like they’ve given too much authority to social media likes? If so, did you change that, or could you?


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