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Social media has connected more people than ever before, yet I feel more DISCONNECTED than ever before. 😕

Back when I first started YouTube in 2009, I really knew who my POPsters were…we’d actually meet up in real life, do Pilates, and then eat lunch together! These days, it’s physically impossible to do that, and that makes me sad. As we’ve grown, the reality is, the distance has grown too. 😢

So this year, I have a mission to end that. My mission is to develop truly meaningful relationships with my most dedicated POPsters! Guys, I’m so excited to announce that I’m officially on the search for my…


I’m looking for role models who are shining examples of strength 💪, positivity 🎈, resilience 💫, and kindness ❤️. If you are selected as a POWERGIRL, I’m gonna take care of you SO GOOD 😉I’m going to SPONSOR your entire activewear closet with POPFLEX workout clothes and accessories for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!!! 😱😱😱

If selected, this means you’re going to become our very 1st official brand ambassador! 😶

Here’s how to enter!


And just to be clear, this isn’t your typical “brand ambassador program” where the company basically turns you into a sales rep, gives you a discount code to sell clothes, and forces you to buy your own clothes at a slightly reduced rate. (You know who I’m talking about! 😉)

Being a POWERGIRL for POPFLEX is something so so special. I suppose you could look at it as being named a VS Angel…or a Nike sponsored athlete…I mean we’re definitely not that big (yet), but I’m really excited to extend this opportunity to you. And unlike those brands, it’s not about bring the skinniest, the prettiest, or the fastest…it’s about being authentically YOU.


The ideal POWERGIRL is someone who lives and breathes our brand. You’re strong. You’re positive. You’re resilient. You’re passionate. You’re kind. You take amazing photos and know how to inspire people with your content. You are a light in other people’s lives.

If that sounds like you, I need you to apply to become a POPFLEX POWERGIRL!


POWERGIRLS get their activewear closet FULLY SPONSORED for an entire year by POPFLEX. YEAH. THAT’S BIG. If selected, you’ll also have the opportunity to make some extra cash by as an official affiliate and brand ambassador. Plus, we hope to grow your following and give you as much exposure as we can by featuring your photos and videos on our social media accounts! So get ready to start shooting some incredible, quality content if you’re chosen!

Oh and let me let you in on something…there’s gonna be some AMAZING new collections this year. If you’re selected as a POWERGIRL, you’ll be one of the first to try on the designs – before anyone else.

This is going to be such a cool partnership between you and our brand! We hope to develop a very real and meaningful relationship over the course of the year.

Terms and conditions apply: https://www.popflexactive.com/pages/popflex-powergirls-terms-conditions

If you have any questions, leave em below!

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