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Hey guys!

We are officially 1 month out from the wedding and guess what…we just solidified our officiant! Ha. What a scare. I think that’s usually one of the first things people secure! I am so relieved that pretty much everything is set. I just need to do the calligraphy for all of the the signage, pick up my wedding dress, and make sure we don’t forget to pack the car with anything I’ve specifically bought for the wedding!

Oh and tables are getting finalized right now. Waiting for a few more guest RSVPs and then I’m gonna lock it in! As in…I’m gonna hand-calligraphy everyone’s name on a gigantic piece of acrylic alphabetized by last name that will be displayed beautifully on a golden easel that I spray painted.  And if anyone last minute decides to bring a different plus one or change their RSVP all together I WILL BE SO BOTHERED. SOOOO BOTHERED.

Anyway! Let’s not worry about things that haven’t happened (yet). Right now, I want to share with you a photo story from this weekend’s bridal shower!

First off, it was incredible to have both my mom and grandma with me at the shower! My grandma flew all the way in from Vietnam and is staying in the states until the wedding! I regret not practicing my Vietnamese because it is really hard for me to communicate with her. The sad reality is that growing up, I was ashamed to know another language other than English, so I chose not to practice Vietnamese with my parents. Such a stupid thing to do. It’s almost like deciding to cut off one of your limbs. Seriously, I urge you to embrace your heritage and practice your language. It’s your identity. Don’t lose it.

My sister planned the entire event and worked soooooo hard to make sure I loved every aspect of the Bridal Shower! She made sure we had fun activations like DIY flower crowns from The Crown Collective, an acai bowl station from Amazebowls, and a toooonnnn of cool bridal-y games!!

My sister is the best! She went above and beyond for the event. I feel bad that I have such high expectations (for everybody, including me) so I think she felt super pressured to impress. She barely got any sleep the week leading up to the event! No matter what, Jackelyn won’t let herself do less than a phenomenal job, and PHENOMENAL she did!

Not only does it look good…it TASTES GOOD.

One of the bridal games included Project Runway with toilet paper. This one is called “The Exorcist Bride.”

Sir George got dressed up for the event too! Look how dapper he is, my little baby!

So! The nails. These were supposed to be the wedding day nails! But when I went to the salon on Friday, I didn’t have any bridal shower inspired nail pics on Pinterest so I told them to paint this lace design for me. AND OMG I don’t think my nails have ever looked prettier!!! I love it!!! Plus it’s all in gel, so it’s not chipping. Nope, not even those little thin lines! But now my problem is…how do I top it for the wedding? Is it even possible!!???

Pretty cupcakes in the color of my flower crown. A must obvi.

These are all of the Ho cousins! From left to right, it’s my little sister Jackelyn, then my cousin Carolyn who is the owner of The Crown Collective and that’s her baby Willow who has BLUE EYES and dark hair (OMG – the dream), me, and then my cousin Christine!

Oh and that balloon aisle was TOTALLY Jackelyn’s idea! I helped her make them the night before. Lots of tissue paper, cutting, and taping over and over and over again til 2am. Tired, but totally worth it.

My childhood friends Cory, Sue, and Amy flew in all the way across the country to come see me for the shower! We grew up together through middle school and high school. So many memories. So much drama around AP tests and boys. Love them.

Some new friends that I met in my adult life! It’s Molly, Rosanna, and Laura! So grateful for them because it’s really hard to find kind and trustworthy friends when you’re older.

Finally a group shot of the cool women in my life! HOORAY!

For those of you wondering about my outfit, it is the FP One Clarisse Set from Free People. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. I MIGHT AS WELL GET MARRIED IN IT. It comes in both White and Rust. It’s super duper long! I probably should have cut some fabric off the skirt before I wore it! Even with 4″ heels it was dragging. I am 5′ 5″ and was wearing an XS.

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