Breasts, Nipples and Pheromones Oh My

What is the fascination with breasts? Don’t get me wrong I like breasts and yes I have always had a fascination with them. I have contemplated my own interest, as well as why other men and even women find boobies so fascinating. Is it texture, size, color, the way they curve, or the way the nipple points back at you when you stare at them? I don’t stare by the way. I was referring to other men.

If we are lucky as babies we have a mother who is wise enough to breast feed us, thus giving us a good start in life. Here is something to think about, first thing in life we know is the breast. It feeds us, comforts us and makes us feel safe. In fact, it may be the only time in our entire life that we will get to feel absolutely safe, and loved. I guess that alone is a pretty good reason for liking breasts, and who would not like to get back to that safe feeling? However, is it enough of a reason to explain the breast hypnosis that so many men fall prey too?

There is the breast hip to waist ratio that is so often spoken of. However, that only sort of explains the fascination with breasts.

Somewhere along the way, I read that men who had not been breastfed as babies tended statistically to desire larger breasts than men who had been breastfed. As a man who was breastfed I have to say that I like breasts of all sizes and shapes, but I’m just me and that does not help us statistically.

Researchers have found that rabbits produce a pheromone around their nipples that attract the blind baby rabbits to suckle. Human babies show the same seeking and finding response even when they are blind. It is suspected that the human areola and nipple may produce a similar pheromone that attracts the baby. If that is the case the nipple pheromone would be considered an appeasing pheromone. This pheromone would produce feelings of safety, love, and, acceptance. Perhaps this is the reason why, when you hug someone in general it is chest to chest, head beside head. However, if a person is comforting someone who is really hurting they tend to place that persons head on their chest. This same position is used when we hug someone we deeply love or feel protective over.

Could men’s interest in breasts be a desire to acquire these chemicals and achieve that long lost and fleeting state of bliss?

Are we actually pheromone junkies addicted to the breast’s appeasing and pleasing drug output? Does breast addiction mean we have to get close to them to feel safe, accepted and loved? Do bigger breast produce more pheromones, therefore promising a larger more intense fix?

I have no idea. Maybe, it is just a heck of a lot fun to pinch nipples. I’m going to have to do extensive experimentation and research on this theory. I urge you to do the same and report back. Answers are rarely found when they are not sought.

Source by Garry Nelson

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