How to Manage That Ticking Sound in Ears

Are you among the many who happens to hear a ticking sound in your ear that you just cannot ignore and have no idea where it came from? If so, then you have the condition known as tinnitus. Mind you, this is something nobody wants to have. Although it is not that critical as compared…

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Roaming Fingers – A Story of A Childhood Sexual Molestation

We have all had our “stories” to tell about our lives growing up. Some have had fun loving childhoods in which they had a stay-at-home mom, who had home baked cookies ready for them as soon as they walked in from school, clean clothes ready for the next day, and dinner simmering on the stove….

“The Enchanted Oasis” – our official wedding film! – Blogilates

You guys…Sam and I are SOOOOOOOOO excited to invite you to The Enchanted Oasis. Watch our wedding film above and come relive the magic that happened in the desert on October 6th, 2018! Eeeeee! I’ve been meaning to do a wedding recap for a LONG LONG time, but things got super crazy after the wedding….

Diary of a Breast Cancer Scare

Six weeks ago, in the shower one day, I noticed that I was bleeding from my nipple, just from one breast and it was just a small amount – only a few drops. In fact I wasn’t overly concerned until later that day I was doing my washing and found blood stains in several of…

2 minutes before I went on stage, I ripped up my speech. – Blogilates

My dad once said…”You have 3 choices. You can either be a doctor, a lawyer, or…a failure.” I didn’t like any of them. So I wrote in my own answer to that multiple choice question. I spent 2 days struggling to write my acceptance speech for one of the biggest achievement awards of my life….

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