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Hi guys!

The #100AbChallenge is the biggest challenge we’ve EVER done! 100 reps of an ab exercise every single day, for 30 days! Thousands of POPsters jumped in and you guys totally killed it. Whether it was all 100 reps in one go, or 10 sets of 10 reps – it didn’t matter. YOU DID IT. Huge congrats.

Here are some pics of your results! GOOD JOB!!!

Clockwise from top left: @popster_kate, @manderrs_, @tancaliel, @inhalepaleo_exhalepilates, @blissful.fitness, @popster.kitty

Remember that physical achievements are only part of the equation! I saw a teeny bit of new definition in my abs, but for me, that wasn’t the point of the challenge. I know my mid section is a zone that likes to stay soft no matter what I do 🙂 For me, my strength gains have been sooooooo significant. After completing the challenge, I feel a lot more confident, soooooo proud of my body that I have, and so impressed with the incredible things it can do!

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I see a bunch of you guys are doing the #100abchallenge again, so I wanted to do something to make it EASIER for you to track your progress. I’m gonna make doing 100 reps a day like a little game. I’ve created a super cool interactive doc that will allow you to see all the videos and track your progress. PLUS it is a great hub to invite all your friends to for a lil challenge – to keep each other accountable!

I used a tool called Coda.io! It’s kinda like an app, but on desktop? And free? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Play around with this one to get a feel for it! But if you want a copy of the doc to start filling in, just sign up with your email and boom, that’s it! Sam and I are actually starting to use Coda in place of Excel because it’s so much more visually appealing, and honestly, you can do so much and it looks so professional!

Give it a try HERE! I’m thinking of making a Coda for the monthly calendar. What do you think? Is the current calendar ok or kinda clunky? It is ok to be honest!

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